We listen and take our time. You leave the clinic with a clear explanation of the treatment plan.

Direct Care

Payment is settled at the time of your visit. Pricing is transparent. No surprise bills show up later. We do not use insurance so time and resources are freed to focus on you instead of middlemen and endless paperwork.


We leverage technology to allow for a lean, modern practice. Our practice is small and personal so we can quickly evolve based upon your feedback to provide the best possible patient care.


Your health should not be maintaned primarily through medications. Nutrition, mindset and exercise are just some of the key factors.


Prevention of future injuries and health issues is just as important as treament of current ones.

Evidence Based

We use proven treatments and avoid heavily marketed therapies which have little evidence supporting them.

Paul Reehal M.D.

Dr. Reehal is board certified in Sports Medicine and Family Medicine. He founded the Las Vegas Sports Clinic for everyone who is looking for something more out of medical care. Dr. Reehal has worked with athletes in nearly every sport at the collegiate level and has had the opportunity to cover NFL games and the NFL combine during his fellowship training at Indiana University School of Medicine. He has written for medical journals and other publications and performs peer review of medical journal articles as well.



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